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D.I.Y Moving / Do Not Follow these Tips

D.I.Y Moving in Sydney (Light hearted look)

If you reside in Sydney, New south wales there is a chance that you may need to hire the help of a local furniture moving service. Alternatively you can, Do it yourself. D.I.Y moving is more common as it offers lower priced moving alternatives for those on a budget.

We always recommend leaving certain jobs to the professionals. Professions such as: plumbers, electricians and mechanics. For those of us who are able bodied and don’t mind a physical challenge, we have put together a post with images on what not to do when preparing your home / office for relocation

d.i.y moving

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To talk to a moving professional today contact us at  www.newtownfurnitureremovalists.com.au

Send us a Quote with our Rapid Quote request form or Call on 0431-591-319

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Stanmore Moving Service | Furniture Relocation Stanmore

Stanmore Furniture Relocating Services

About Stanmore

Stanmore is a suburb of Inner western Sydney that is located between Newtown, Petersham, Annandale and Camperdown. Although it is mainly residential based it does have a small amount of retail outlets situated along Parramatta Road.

Stanmore, Inner west Sydney

Stanmore, Inner west Sydney

Stanmore Furniture Relocation

Being an inner west Sydney based furniture relocation company has seen us complete a large number of local services in neighbouring suburbs. On a number of occasions every month we relocate between Newtown and Stanmore. The most common furniture relocation we provide are from residential homes. We often relocate form apartment’s and smaller federation household’s that can be found in Stanmore.

Residential relocation Stanmore, Sydney

Residential relocation Stanmore, Sydney

We can assist you with your Stanmore Furniture relocation

N.F.R (Newtown Furniture Removalists) offer a local inner west Sydney moving service that is both friendly and very affordable. We are heavily experienced in terms of furniture relocating circumstances that arise when moving within Stanmore, Annandale, Camperdown and other neighbouring suburbs.

We can handle all your packing and relocating need’s. We can also provide you with quality packing materials and a free delivery service. Whether you are moving a house, studio, single room or an apartment, we offer a service that will appeal to you.  Not only in terms of pricing and value for money.  But an all round service incorporating friendliness, experience and appreciation of our customers. We love receiving positive feedback on relocations we complete and really want our client’s to contact us when it’s time to move again.

If you are relocating in Sydney’s Inner west here are some of the reason’s for choosing us:

No Booking Fee’s

No Call out Fee’s

No Fuel Charges

Local Moving Company

Experienced Staff

Small Minimum Booking’s

5 Star Google Review’s

Furniture Dismantling Service

Balcony Lifting Service

$1.50 Box Hiring Service

Free Delivery of Packing Material


If you are relocating to Stanmore or away to a neighbouring suburb please visit our website to receive a quote on your move. Find us at www.newtownfurnitureremovalists.com.au

To assure your items are safe during the moving process we protect your furniture with moving blankets. This ensures no scratches or damage to your homes furnishings’s

Please visit our Facebook page for more information regarding the areas we service. You can also find more examples of work we have completed in neighbouring inner west Sydney suburbs of Stanmore.

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