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Stanmore Moving Service | Furniture Relocation Stanmore

Stanmore Furniture Relocating Services

About Stanmore

Stanmore is a suburb of Inner western Sydney that is located between Newtown, Petersham, Annandale and Camperdown. Although it is mainly residential based it does have a small amount of retail outlets situated along Parramatta Road.

Stanmore, Inner west Sydney

Stanmore, Inner west Sydney

Stanmore Furniture Relocation

Being an inner west Sydney based furniture relocation company has seen us complete a large number of local services in neighbouring suburbs. On a number of occasions every month we relocate between Newtown and Stanmore. The most common furniture relocation we provide are from residential homes. We often relocate form apartment’s and smaller federation household’s that can be found in Stanmore.

Residential relocation Stanmore, Sydney

Residential relocation Stanmore, Sydney

We can assist you with your Stanmore Furniture relocation

N.F.R (Newtown Furniture Removalists) offer a local inner west Sydney moving service that is both friendly and very affordable. We are heavily experienced in terms of furniture relocating circumstances that arise when moving within Stanmore, Annandale, Camperdown and other neighbouring suburbs.

We can handle all your packing and relocating need’s. We can also provide you with quality packing materials and a free delivery service. Whether you are moving a house, studio, single room or an apartment, we offer a service that will appeal to you.  Not only in terms of pricing and value for money.  But an all round service incorporating friendliness, experience and appreciation of our customers. We love receiving positive feedback on relocations we complete and really want our client’s to contact us when it’s time to move again.

If you are relocating in Sydney’s Inner west here are some of the reason’s for choosing us:

No Booking Fee’s

No Call out Fee’s

No Fuel Charges

Local Moving Company

Experienced Staff

Small Minimum Booking’s

5 Star Google Review’s

Furniture Dismantling Service

Balcony Lifting Service

$1.50 Box Hiring Service

Free Delivery of Packing Material


If you are relocating to Stanmore or away to a neighbouring suburb please visit our website to receive a quote on your move. Find us at

To assure your items are safe during the moving process we protect your furniture with moving blankets. This ensures no scratches or damage to your homes furnishings’s

Please visit our Facebook page for more information regarding the areas we service. You can also find more examples of work we have completed in neighbouring inner west Sydney suburbs of Stanmore.

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Abbotsford Relocating | Abbotsford furniture relocation

Abbotsford furniture removalists services

Abbotsford is located within Sydney’s Inner west region. This makes it a popular choice to reside in whether you are living in an apartment or raising a family in a larger house. With small medium and large sized homes found in Abbotsford it truly is a residential suburb of Sydney. Newtown furniture removalists have completed many furniture relocating services in around the Abbotsford, Leichhardt, Chiswick and Russel lea area over the years. We offer both residential and commercial furniture relocating services in Sydney’s inner west. Although it is mainly a residential area we have helped with a few smaller business related relocations along Great north and Lyons road’s.

abbotsford moving service

Abbotsford residential relocating

The most common furniture relocation service we provide is from homes and apartments. The majority being located along blackwall point road. Over the last decade we have helped many people move to and from this Sydney suburb with our emphasis on value for money relocating.

Since we are local moving company you do not pay excess fee’s and traveling charges. When using a relocating service from another region of Sydney you may be paying a lot more. If you are moving within Abbotsford or any of the surrounding suburbs that can be found near by please do not hesitate to contact our moving consultants. We would be more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have on an upcoming furniture relocation.

NFR also offer premium quality packing supplies such as moving cartons, packing tape, bubble wrap and removalists blankets. We hire out second hand moving boxes if you would like to keep costs down. We can also arrange free delivery of moving and packing materials.

For more information on our relocation services visit today


Abbotsford residential furniture relocation

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Newtown to Cremorne Point Furniture Relocation – Friday April 29

Inner west Sydney to Cremorne Point –

Sydney relocation Service – Friday 29 April

Today we completed a furniture relocation service that involved 2 pick up addresses within Sydney’s Inner west suburbs that finished up in Cremorne Point. The first was a pickup from a storage facility in the suburb of Rosebery located on Epsom Road, Super cheap storage was the facilities name. It housed the majority of our clients furniture who was moving into an apartment located on Sydney’s north shore.

storage box facility, Rosebery

Storage box facility, Rosebery, Epsom Road

Customers storage box ready to be unloaded into our moving truck

Customers storage box ready to be unloaded into our moving truck

It did only take roughly just over half an hour to unload the content’s of the storage box into our truck as the company can deliver the box right to you in the car park. This saves a lot of time as you are not walking back and forth inside a large complex that on occasion may also require the use of a good’s lift.

We then went on to pickup the remaining content’s  that were located on Australia Street in Newtown. We had a few smaller household items such as: suitcases, boxes, plants and a few musical instrument’s.

From there we made our way over to the drop off address located on the Sydney’s north shore not far from the ferry passenger terminal. The apartment block we were unloading into was located on Milson Road, Cremorne point.

Apartment block / Single bedroom apartment

Apartment block / Single bedroom apartment

It was the top floor apartment up two flights of stairs in a 3 story complex so we did have to travel up a few sets of stairs to get into the apartment.

Front door and stairwell, Cremorne Point

Front door and stairwell, Cremorne Point

We also had a little walkway that allowed us to park our moving truck for the unload

We also had a little walkway that allowed us to park our moving truck on for easier access  unloading

Some of the content's being unloaded: Bedding, lounge, fridge etc

Some of the content’s being unloaded: Bedding, lounge, fridge etc

Sydney Harbour view from the stairwell. Lovely view

Sydney Harbour view from the stairwell. Lovely view

All up this relocation was completed in just over 3 hours. We used our 3.5t moving truck to relocate the content’s of a one bedroom apartment. The customer had already packed most of the items with boxes she picked up for free from a local supermarket. Items were stored for approximately 14 months. No further packing boxes or materials were needed for this relocation.

Your local supermarket should have some spare boxes if you need them

Your local supermarket should have some spare boxes for moving. Although they are not great for very fragile items they will do the job if you are on a budget.

For more information regarding our furniture moving services in all regions of Sydney, please visit our website located at : You can send us a quote or give us a call regarding your move.

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Leichhardt Furniture Relocation Service – Inner Western Relocating

Leichhardt Furniture Removalists

Leichhardt is renowned for being an inner western suburb of Sydney with an Italian identity due to the number of commercial based businesses with an Italian influence. From the famous Italian forum and piazza that emulates a small Mediterranean town to the fine Italian dining and cafes you will find along Norton Street.

The most popular relocation service we have provided by far is from homes and apartments located in Leichhardt, with the exception of a small businesses from Norton Street. It’s mainly residential based relocation’s we perform in Leichhardt from apartments and the smaller townhouses that dominate areas closest to the main road.

leichhardt furniture relocating

Residential / Commercial furniture relocation services, Leichhardt

Local Leichhardt Relocation Service

With our relocation service headquarters being located only a few minutes from the heart of Leichhardt, enables us to reach our client’s home or office on time with minimal traffic concerns. It also allows for an experienced and local furniture relocation company to take care of your homes valuable items. With over a decades worth of furniture relocation based services provided in Sydney’s Inner west, you can feel comfortable as we have provided our fair share of moving services within and local to Leichhardt.

As we are located locally in Newtown, when you book a moving service with our professional relocation team you do receive great benefits that in turn help cut your costs. From our reliable furniture relocating services for both the home and office to our inexpensive packing services that help prepare and box your valuables and dismantle your larger household items. Our competitively priced furniture relocating services are suited to all budgets whether you require a premium packing service for your homes smaller content’s or a furniture relocation service that offers efficiency and value for money.

Free Packing Supply Deliveries to Leichhardt

moving box sales leichhardt

Free purchased packing supplies delivery to your Leichhardt home

Our online packing material’s shop offers free box delivery to Leichhardt with low cost packing boxes and removals cartons that are needed to hold your fragile items whilst moving between households. We also offer lower priced recycled second hand moving boxes that are in near perfect condition. Please call to confirm our availability.

For more information regarding our Leichhardt furniture relocation services, Please visit our website at We can assist you with residential and commercial relocating services from Monday through to Saturday. Please contact us for a free quote on your upcoming relocation.

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Enmore Furniture Relocating Service – Inner West Sydney

Furniture relocation services in Enmore, Inner west Sydney

The suburb of Enmore is located within Sydney’s inner west region. It neighbours the residential suburbs of Marrickville, Newtown, Stanmore and Camperdown. Enmore is considered to be an urban suburb that is predominantly residential based with a few small businesses and stores located along Enmore Road.

Enmore road and Stanmore road Sydney

Enmore road and Stanmore road intersection. Enmore, Sydney.

Why you should use a local Inner West Removalist Service

When relocating your home or office within Inner west Sydney, you may encounter issues with parking a car let alone a larger moving truck. The narrow doorways and smaller staircases can make it difficult for a furniture removalist company to load and unload your good’s and larger furniture.

If you choose to use a moving company that may not be local or may not have encountered the common characteristics associated with inner west furniture relocation. It can become quite a difficult day for your movers.


Federation styled terrace relocation / Enmore.

This can cause delays which in turn increases cost’s as efficiency is key in any furniture relocation service. Over the years the main focus of Newtown furniture removalists has been to offer a local furniture relocation service.  A Sydney based inner west service that specializes in furniture relocation services in just a handful of suburbs.

We specialize in relocations from Terraces / Federation Homes / Apartments

Enmore is just one of the suburbs we service exclusively with our residential and commercial based furniture relocating services. We believe we have an advantage over most Sydney based furniture relocation companies that operate in this area.

Our business name is associated with one of the most popular suburb’s in the inner west region of Sydney, Newtown. The housing you find in Enmore and Newtown are quite similar to one another, being neighbouring suburbs of the inner west.  You have terraces, small block apartments and older federation styled housing that we have become accustomed in relocating furniture from on a daily basis.

Also, having that local knowledge of a suburb does help with your move. We know the quickest route from point A to B. We can advise you of the best time to relocate steering clear of peak traffic periods and road clearances in the morning’s and evening’s. We can remove security doors or sofa legs as these are the main culprits that may cause a problem when relocating in Inner west Sydney homes. We have moving trucks that are capable of navigating through the smaller one way street’s of the Inner west. Whatever your moving situation may be, chances are we have completed a similar relocation and can assist you with any special moving circumstances you may require.

Furniture removalists Enmore

Enmore furniture removalists service / Terrace home

For a more competitive quote on your Inner west furniture relocation service, please visit we guarantee a smooth and efficient furniture relocating experience when you choose to move with our professional and experienced relocation service


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Erskineville Furniture Removals – Inner West Sydney Relocation Service

Erskineville furniture moving services

Erskineville is located in Sydney’s Inner west region. It is an inner city suburb that is bordered by Newtown, Chippendale  and St Peter’s. Newtown furniture removalists offers in-expensive priced furniture relocation services in Erskineville as our moving office headquarters are located locally, within Sydney’s inner west suburbs.

When it comes to our furniture relocating service, Erskineville is an area we have relocated client’s to and from, for many years. We mainly complete residential furniture relocation services in Erskineville with the most popular moving service being from apartments, terrace homes and shared houses.

If you are planning on relocating within Erskineville we offer an inexpensive low cost furniture moving service for client’s of this residential suburb. As on most occasions when we are relocating in Sydney’s inner west, client’s tend to stay within the same or neighboring suburbs of Erskineville.

Erskineville removals

Apartment relocation / Mitchell Rd, Erskineville

Being a local inner west moving company means we do not need to charge overhead costs for traveling long distances to our client’s. Choosing a local mover means you save more money and have a moving service that is very familiar with your surrounding’s. This does help make your move a more easier experience. As it is most likely means we have relocated someone within a stones thrown of your property. This can help us determine the best time for you to relocate if you are in an area with high traffic. On a number of occasions we have advised our customers when it is ideal to relocate. As there can be minimal parking during peak traffic periods.

Other issue’s may be narrow access to your property, narrow stair-cases that may require a balcony hoisting service and the more common furniture dismantling services that we also provide for no added costs.

furniture removalists service erskineville

Apartment relocation / 1B Coulson Street, Erskineville

For more information on our Erskineville based furniture relocation services. Please head to to find out more about our low cost hourly rates and other services we provide.

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Furniture Assembling and Disassembling Services – Newtown furniture removalists 0431 591 319

Not only do we offer Moving and Packing services, Newtown removalists can also assemble and disassemble any furniture in your home at no extra cost

Assemble & Disassembling Household Furniture

When you book a furniture relocation service with Newtown removals, you will not need to pay any extra service fee’s for the disassembling of your Bed frame, Dining room table, Sofa legs or clothing cupboards.

This service is all included when either you book a packing service or furniture relocation service with Newtown removalists. Whether you require our team of moving professionals to prepare this service on the day of the move or prior to your relocation date, this can be arranged?

furniture dismantling service Newtown

furniture dismantling service Newtown

All our moving trucks carry all the right tools when it comes to breaking down larger furniture in a home or office. We carry specialized tools for dismantling bed frames, IKEA cupboards, Sofa legs and any other flat packed furniture you may have purchased from furniture outlet stores.

When it comes to the more technical side of dismantling larger white goods such as: Double door fridges with attached water dispensers, this requires a specialized tool that usually only the manufacturer supplies to there technicians. However if you need your fridge door’s removed we have these specialized tool’s so when you book a move with Newtown furniture removalists, you know that you in good hand’s.

On the residential side. Quite often when relocating within Sydney, especially in Sydney’s Inner west suburb’s you will find that the access to your property may be an issue for some of your larger items. Requiring a balcony hoisting service for items that may not dismantle such as: Beds and bed bases. This is also part of our service. Please visit our page on balcony hoisting services within Sydney.

furniture square headed bolts

Specialized square head fridge bolts

Star headed fridge bolts

Star head fridge bolts

If you are relocating your home or office in Sydney and require a furniture relocating service that offers assembling and disassembling services please contact us for a free quote on your move.

Although we are based locally within Inner western Sydney, we do service all regions of Sydney’s inner city metropolitan suburbs with our moving, packing and furniture assembling services. Please visit our home page for more information on our range of moving services.


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Removals, to hire or do it yourself?

Removals Newtown, Inner west Sydney relocating 0431-591-319

When the team at Newtown furniture removals arrive at your location we always run through what need’s to be moved with our client. This ensures all the items that need relocating are ready and prepared to a satisfactory condition before the moving process begins.


When relocating household furniture the better prepared your household items are generally means the more money you save. In this picture above you see this client has packed her smaller items into boxes and disassembled the bed, beforehand saving time on her job.

This may include removing draws from cupboards that may be quite heavy. Some client’s prefer to leave there clothes drawers and filing cabinets full for the relocation. It always is a risk when  client’s prefer there furniture to be relocated when full. This method of relocating does put extra stress on the item being moved, in turn damaging the piece. Even causing fractures that may lead to breakage down the track. The most noticeable though is furniture that sway’s giving it an unstable feel due to this novice method of furniture relocating. Also problems with the opening and closing of the draws can be an issue.  The excess weight can cause the tracks to bend out of shape making it harder to open and close your draws.


These roller tracks can be damaged when moving your cupboard with the drawers full.

When hiring a professional Sydney moving company to relocate your household or office items like Newtown furniture removals we will let you know of any potential issues before we begin. This will ensure no damage to your furnishings like those listed above.

Hiring Movers vs Moving Yourself

These day’s people in Sydney have 2 options to choose from when relocating there household / office. You can hire a professional furniture moving service or you can do it yourself. Do it yourself is tempting as it helps keep costs down. If you are on a budget and have a minimal amount of furniture that need’s to be relocated it makes perfect sense. It is more manageable to relocate your household items yourself when it is a smaller move. For larger relocation’s, Do it yourself moving may be a problem. Larger household’s usually contain heavier furniture that really does need a professional moving companies touch.

When using a hired Sydney relocation company, they usually have all the equipment needed to relocate your items in the most efficient manner. From the moving pads and straps to keep your items safe whilst in transit. To the removals trolley’s that ensure no time is wasted carting heavy items back and forth, especially at your body’s expense.


Furniture moving pads an upright trolley and platform trolley’s always ensure a safer and efficient furniture relocating experience.

When you hire a rental truck for your relocation you will find they do not come equipped with furniture removals pads. The other essential items needed are straps to tie down your furniture in the truck. If you had to purchase removalist blankets they can cost a minimum of $15 each. Not to mention a trolley and straps that will also be needed. By the time you add up the costs it really does make sense to find an inexpensive furniture relocating service. A service that offers small minimum call out’s for local Sydney city furniture relocation.

You may need the following items to ensure a safe move.

  • Moving blankets
  • Moving boxes
  • Straps
  • trolleys
  • tools for dismantling
  • hired truck
  • helping hand aka Muscles :)
  • Calm personality

For more information regarding our furniture moving services, Packing services and moving supplies please visit: or for a chat regarding your move you can reach us at 0431-591-319

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Sydney City furniture relocating service

Inexpensive furniture relocating in Sydney

Inexpensive Sydney City relocating services. If your looking for a team of movers who will take the utmost care of your home’s furnishings look no further? We offer a premium Sydney moving service that can account for any moving budget!  If you live in Sydney’s Inner west suburbs, Newtown furniture removalists are jjust a short phone call away.  If you like you can send us your email inquiry via our rapid reply moving form on our contact page.

Offering value for money and protecting your furniture whilst relocating your homes content’s are just some of our companies highest priorities not to mention our low cost packing service and super cheap packing supplies. We guarantee to be cheaper in price than your closest storage unit’s packing supplies shop or local movers.

Narrow access furniture relocation in Newtown, Sydney.

Narrow access furniture relocation in Newtown, Sydney.


The fragile and careful Movers

No matter what need’s relocating in your home or office, Newtown furniture removalists offers specialized furniture relocating services for most household and commercial items. Whether you need your household items hoisted over a balcony due to narrow staircases or your furniture disassembled for safe relocation we have all the experience and tools to get the job  done promptly and safely.


Careful fragile moving in Sydney


Experienced home & office furniture relocation services

The furniture removals team at Newtown removals is experienced in every field of furniture relocation. We handle all kinds of office and residential furniture relocation services on a daily basis.  This ensures that our experienced hands have the knowledge and equipment to ensure a safe relocation no matter what the challenge may be. From preparing and packing your homes content’s with our premium packing supplies to keeping your items safe whilst in transit with our removalists pads, we leave no stone um-turned when it comes to dealing with our customers possessions.


Experienced Sydney furniture re-locators

Value for money moving service

We guarantee to that our moving and packing services can accommodate any budget. As you have heard before “you pay for what you get” we guarantee to leave you with a rye smile and more money in your hip pocket or purse after our team of removalists have finished your furniture relocation. On a number of times we have been told by customers “i wish we knew about you when we moved inn”. When you enjoy the line of work you are in and receive compliments like these there is nothing that makes you feel better after a hard day’s work.




Furniture courier services

If you are only relocating a small amount of furniture or just the one bed or fridge, Newtown furniture removals offer low cost furniture courier services for our local inner west Sydney clients. Whether you require just the one or two men for your particular relocation, we have you covered. With no travel fee’s or large minimums and the choice of 1 or 2 men on your relocation we do everything possible to make your move an efficient and inexpensive relocation experience.

Our team can accomplish anything

We have been involved in many different types of furniture relocation services ranging from the standard residential home relocation to corporate office relocations taking place mainly within the Sydney CBD.  Most moving companies in Sydney complete relocation’s like these on a daily basis however we specialize not only in every day relocation’s but the more specialized an odd special event relocation’s that you only find taking place after business hours. From relocating church pews in St Mary’s Cathedral to putting our loaded moving truck’s on a barge for relocation’s to Sydney’s cockatoo island, relocating furniture on floating restaurant’s on Sydney harbor, relocations at the star casino and Doulton house, even delivering artwork’s to the Sydney gallery that span the length of 4.5 m for the Archibold prize. Whatever it is you need relocated contact us for a free quote or just a quick chat and we will do our best to put your mind at ease.


Sydney special events relocating services


The best advice

When relocating in Sydney there are a number of factors that can determine whether your relocation is successful or not. From the time you have booked in your move we will ask you just a few questions regarding your moving circumstances e.g your location, traffic conditions, parking conditions and a few more. These questions  ensure that your relocation is started and completed in a stress free manner with no last minute nasty surprises that can lengthen your move as the preparation or the information we received before arrival was not correct or pointed out.

Narrow access in Inner west Sydney, Not a problem

Narrow access in Inner west Sydney, Not a problem

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Choosing the right moving service for you?

Ensuring you choose the right furniture removalists. When it comes to relocating your homes contents and furniture, Choosing the right moving service that caters to your moving needs is what your focus should be, whether it’s a specific price that has attracted your eye or a particular service that’s being offered ora friend or family member may have given you some advice on a recent experience.


Erskineville furniture relocation service for a 1 bedroom apartment.

Newtown furniture removalists believe in offering a balanced relocation service incorporating a reputable moving service that offers the best price for local Sydney home relocation.  We offer  small 2 hour minimum bookings and trucks that are capable of relocating your apartment or home within Sydney’s metropolitan suburbs.

If you require your removalists to assemble your homes furniture this is something Newtown furniture removalists can assist you with for no extra charge. Whether you need your Bed, Bunk beds, Dining setting or Cupboard’s disassembled we have all the necessary tools on-board our moving trucks to get the job done.


Did you say stairs? Newtown furniture removalists making relocating with stairs a breeze!

If you live in a Sydney residence and have had previous issues / problems with  your move, due to:

  • Tight & Narrow streets (Difficult parking issues)
  • Steep Entrances
  • After hour furniture relocation
  • Single item moving
  • Internal moving Sydney
  • Flights of Stairs
  • Long Walk ways
  • Balcony lifts
  • Heavy boxes 22kg+

We can help with your difficult moving situation. Contact us via phone or send us an email regarding your relocation circumstances and we will do what we can to make your move a more pleasant experience.

Phone 0431 591 319



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How can we help?

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