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Not only do we offer Moving and Packing services, Newtown removalists can also assemble and disassemble any furniture in your home at no extra cost

Assemble & Disassembling Household Furniture

When you book a furniture relocation service with Newtown removals, you will not need to pay any extra service fee’s for the disassembling of your Bed frame, Dining room table, Sofa legs or clothing cupboards.

This service is all included when either you book a packing service or furniture relocation service with Newtown removalists. Whether you require our team of moving professionals to prepare this service on the day of the move or prior to your relocation date, this can be arranged?

furniture dismantling service Newtown

furniture dismantling service Newtown

All our moving trucks carry all the right tools when it comes to breaking down larger furniture in a home or office. We carry specialized tools for dismantling bed frames, IKEA cupboards, Sofa legs and any other flat packed furniture you may have purchased from furniture outlet stores.

When it comes to the more technical side of dismantling larger white goods such as: Double door fridges with attached water dispensers, this requires a specialized tool that usually only the manufacturer supplies to there technicians. However if you need your fridge door’s removed we have these specialized tool’s so when you book a move with Newtown furniture removalists, you know that you in good hand’s.

On the residential side. Quite often when relocating within Sydney, especially in Sydney’s Inner west suburb’s you will find that the access to your property may be an issue for some of your larger items. Requiring a balcony hoisting service for items that may not dismantle such as: Beds and bed bases. This is also part of our service. Please visit our page on balcony hoisting services within Sydney.

furniture square headed bolts

Specialized square head fridge bolts

Star headed fridge bolts

Star head fridge bolts

If you are relocating your home or office in Sydney and require a furniture relocating service that offers assembling and disassembling services please contact us for a free quote on your move.

Although we are based locally within Inner western Sydney, we do service all regions of Sydney’s inner city metropolitan suburbs with our moving, packing and furniture assembling services. Please visit our home page for more information on our range of moving services.


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